Paya, Tekek, Salang

Pulau Tioman's beautiful beaches, framed by lush greenery and crystal clear sea waters, is a enchanting attraction that draws visitors from around the world. An overwhelming number of the island's major beach stretches are found at villages along the eastern coast, which includes Tekek, Salang, Paya, Genting and Ayer Batang (ABC Village). Along the west coast, Juara is the sole village here but with an incredibly large beach stretch, nestled in a spacious bay that faces the might of the South China Sea. At the south, Mukut has sporadic strips of sandy shore. Finally, several luxury resorts have occupied some of the smaller coves with isolated beaches around the island.
Tekek Juara Air Batang Genting  
Paya Beach Tekek Juara ABC Village Genting Beach  
Salang Nipah Monkey Bay Marine Park  
Mukut Salang Beach Nipah Monkey Bay Marine Park