Tioman Island

Pulau Tioman is a vibrant nature destination that invites discovery and exploration from intrepid visitors. Large granite boulders and karst formations provide exciting rock climbing pursuits, especially along the south, while the summit of Gunung Kajang, the highest off-shore mountain of Malaysia at 1,038 meters, can be assailed from Paya, Nipah and Juara. Meanwhile, the coastal jungle and hilly dipterocarp rainforest that drapes the island in a shroud of green, support a diverse range of ecosystems. Many new species of wildlife have been described here over the last years, including colourful mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish living on land and sea.

For beginners, an easy 20 minute hike through the rainforest starts from the southern edge of Berjaya Resort in Tekek to Kampung Paya, which in turn, connects to Genting Village with a similarly short jungle trek. From Air Batang, a jungle trail starts at the northern end which will take you through Panuba Bay (30 minutes), Monkey Beach and Monkey Bay (1 hour plus), before ending at Salang Beach (approx 3 hours). There's also the popular cross-island jungle trek from Tekek which starts at the village mosque on top a hill. After 3km (an hour) of trekking through hilly rainforest, the trail cut outs to the paved road to Juara. At Genting's south, a 2.5km jungle trail begins moderately, then undulates steeply to Nipah Bay after passing Japamal Resort. Finally, Juara Bay has jungle trails that lead to scenic view points and waterfalls, while the famous Asah Waterfall can be accessed from Mukut with a half-hour trek.